Published on 10/23/2021 11:52 am
Dental Bonding Aftercare: How To Maintain Your Bonded Teeth

Dental bonding is known as an essential technique of cosmetic dentistry. These include the colored material for your tooth ie; curved into shape, after the hardening and polishing of the material.  The process of tooth bonding can be easily performed by any PPO dentist near me who has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for the past few years. Cosmetic dentistry deals with fixing smiles by setting right the broken or chipped tooth or shutting the small gaps amid the teeth. The process of Cosmetic Dental Bonding also helps people to get rid of cavities thus is widely opted by many people who want to wear that radiant smile forever.


Before one heads out to consult any midtown dental care, it is important to know the possible risks and aftercare of tooth bonding that will save you from hampering the entire job done:


Aftercare tips!

Brushing: It is advised that one must brush their teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and at night, with the toothpaste having fluoride. The brushing should be detailed covering the outside, inside, as well as the top of each tooth, followed by cleaning the tongue. Dentists also advise that the toothbrush should be replaced after every three to four months.


Flossing: Apart from brushing, flossing is highly recommended to floss at least once a day; the process should be followed by flossing up, touching the gum line, and contacting the adjacent tooth for plaque removal.


Take water after meals: This helps in clearing food particles deposited on the teeth and controls the level of acidity in the mouth.


Avoid food items that can stain the teeth: Say goodbye to sports drinks, dark-colored sauces, tea, berries, sodas, red and white wine, juices, and candies carrying artificial coloring. Apart from the possibility of discoloration, these food items have acidic qualities that are prone to accelerate tooth discoloration.


Avoid tooth tool opening: This is a crucial habit that must be restricted for a healthier dental shape! Many of us are in the habit of using our teeth as a tool to open bottles which often breaks or chips the bonding and composites.


Avoid unhealthy tooth habits: This is in reference to all those habits like fingernail biting, chewing pen caps, pencils, pens, and other hard objects that can hamper this treatment. These are prone to break the bonding material and tooth enamel if continued for a certain period.


Avoid hard foods: In case, the bonding has been done recently and right on the front teeth, stay away from the habit of biting into hard foods like apples or tough fruits.

Cosmetic Cigna dental PPO providers advise the use of regular Crest, Original Colgate, or Mentadent toothpaste which is safe to be applied on the composite resin. Also, toothpaste that is advertised to give "extra whitening" must be avoided since these are often very coarse and possibly scratch the restoration.


Hence, it is recommended to have an emergency dentist appointment for all your dental treatments like dental implants Houston texas, Dental Bridges Near meetc.

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