Published on 01/26/2021 6:08 am
How can an Emergency Dentist help you to get rid of tartar?

If you are wishing to keep your dental hygiene in superb condition, you need to get rid of tartar or avoid the building up of tartar by maintaining dental hygiene habits. Tartar is referred to as dental calculus, a harsh layer that can stain teeth and cause discoloration. It is formed when the plaque from the teeth has not been removed properly. When saliva minerals combine with a plaque they form the hard crystal that converts into tartar. And it becomes so hard that you can’t remove it on your own, you will require an Emergency Dental to get rid of it. When you grow older, the chances of developing tartar becomes faster. So, it is essential to brush twice a day and rinse your mouth with a good antiseptic oral solution so that you can stay away from dental problems. 

Effect of tartar on Gums and Teeth: 


Even if you follow the dental hygiene rules, it might be possible that you still have bacteria in your mouth. They mix with the food byproducts to form a sticky layer that is known as dental plaque. Plaque contains bacteria that can damage the tooth enamel and lead to cavities. But if you remove it regularly, you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease. But if you are careless about the teeth cleaning, bigger problems may arise as tartar builds up below and above the gum line. It is very hard and porous and can lead to various kinds of gum diseases. So, it must be removed by an Emergency Dentist Near Me.


Some of the bad effects are enlisted below:


  • Tartar can make it tougher to brush and floss that will cause teeth cavities and tooth decay.
  • When tartar forms above your gum line it can irritate and damage your gums as it carries bacteria that leads to serious gum diseases, called gingivitis
  • It can get worse if the bacteria enter the teeth’ pockets and get infected by them, known as periodontists.
  • When your immune system tries to fight back with certain chemicals, they mix with bacteria and produce a stew that can damage the bones and tissues that hold your teeth.

 How To Get Rid Of Plaque:


Emergency Dentist removes the stubborn tartar buildup by a non-surgical procedure known as dental scaling. The dentist will use either a handheld or manual instrument to perform the procedure. In addition, the dentist may prefer an ultrasonic instrument.

Using  Handheld Manual Instruments:

During the Dental Plaque Removal procedure, the dentist will use a dental scaler and a curette to eliminate tartar from the surface of teeth.  If the dentist is unable to see the tartar, he/she will use their hands to locate the affected area where the tartar is built up.


Ultrasonic Instruments: 


When the dentist in  Emergency Dental Near Me takes the help of ultrasonic instruments to remove tartar, the metal vibrating tip from the ultrasonic instrument loosens the tartar and helps chip it off the surface of the teeth.  Then, he/she will use a  water spray to wash the tartar away. 


The dentist may also recommend a deep cleaning in the case of a severe problem. The deep cleaning combines scaling and root planing if the tartar is excessive.

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